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Terms and Conditions

I (Collective Member) hereby state, understand, agree, declare and acknowledge that I agree to the following  
I am over 21 years of age, I am legally able to use, possess and cultivate cannabis for spiritual , healing and recreational purposes in the State of New York.  
Elevate Cannabis NY  here-in-after referred to as Collective, is a consortium whose mission is to promote the economic welfare of its members by providing a medium to create a safe consistent and reliable source of quality free cannabis for the personal use of its members  
I authorize Elevate Cannabis NY Collective to create and or assign under my name rights in its own name for the purpose of locating and/or growing cannabis for my benefit. As a member, I appoint and designate the Collective, and their representatives, as my true and lawful agents for the limited purpose of assisting in obtaining my legal cannabis. This means that the Collective will be required to procure, possess transport to me as recommended by them and I grant them the limited authority to do so. I further authorize the Collective to enter into contracts to procure, allow growth and preparation of cannabis for my benefit.   
I agree not to transport or ship my cannabis out of the State of New York .I also agree my membership is exclusively valid in the State of New York only and is not accepted or honored in any other state except if the State of New York has reciprocity with them  
As a collective member I understand that any donations made to the collective is for items (growing supplies, glass pipes, packaging etc.) is for those items only. I also fully understand that any free cannabis products I receive from the collective are strictly a free gift to me from the collective.  
As a member, I understand that the Collective has other members with similar Membership Agreements. I authorize the Collective to jointly possess the cannabis as described under this Agreement with other Collective members.  
I agree the cannabis possessed by the Collective, at any and all time(s), is the Collective property of every current existing member in good standing who is also under this or similar Membership Agreement with the Collective and that no current or previous member has any equity claim or specific equity position what-so-ever in any cannabis possessed or may be possessed by the Collective in any form. Any / All sums I donate to the Collective are used for any/all expenses of the Collective’s operations and reasonable compensation for the Collective’s operators. All my contributions to the Collective are used to ensure the continued operation of the Collective and in no way constitutes a commercial promotion, transaction or sale of cannabis.  
I will not redistribute any free cannabis I obtain through the Collective and it will only be used for personal use in the State of New York.  
I shall provide the Collective with all changes in my contact information immediately. I also agree to any and all future changes of the Collective’s policies as the laws for safe access develop.  
This Agreement is bi-lateral in so far as either I or the Collective may terminate the Agreement at any time, without notice or reason, and the other party to the Agreement has absolutely no recourse or basis to re-instate the Agreement or any cause of action.