Guide to Dreamforce 2022

Guide to Dreamforce 2022

This year’s Salesforce Dreamforce event will be unforgettable as it will be the first time since Covid everyone will be gathering again. We are anticipating a massive celebration as our Partners, Associates, and Friends are planning various Parties & VIP Receptions at the event.

Below, our team has curated a list of highlighted Keynote Presentations and After Hours fun you do not want to miss!


Marc Benioff & Bret Taylor


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Health Care & Life Sciences


Sustainability –

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After Hours:

Demand Gen

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Visit the Top Floor of Salesforce Tower – Tag us on LinkedIn @CannabisCloud with #DF22 for your chance to meet with us for a VIP visit to the Salesforce Tower ”Ohana Floor”

If you or your team are seeking solutions for your Cannabis & or Salesforce Enterprise, schedule a meeting with our team in person at the event. We will be giving live demos of our Salesforce powered/connected Retail Point of Sale, Inventory Management App, Distribution App, Metrc API Connector & More!!!

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Digital Transformation with Nug Wallet Loyalty Rewards Program

Digital Transformation with Nug Wallet Loyalty Rewards Program

Reported: March 15, 2021
Background: Golden State Greens(since 2015) has been awarding its customers with a paper punch card loyalty program and using legacy software systems to manage its data. For several years the dispensary saw explosive growth while bolting on various technologies to its system landscape but eventually plateaued in the face of high competition, adversity, complicated business/compliance requirements. Golden State Greens has always been a forward thinking dispensary and made many technology adoptions that battled the competition in terms of digital presence and customer experience. One such adoption was Salesforce, which later became the centralized data platform that is digitally transforming the enterprise to date. With its launch of their bud tender built, Apple iPad, Point of Sale system(January, 2020), connected to Salesforce & Metrc, the company effectively built a customer 360 profile for each customer that automatically triggers measurable marketing activities. Each customer is classified as “Acquired, Engaged, Retained, or Suppressed.” These classifications are formulated based on purchase history criteria as it relates to the rate in which they are returning to shop in any given time. Additional classifications are formulated by the rate of total dollars in which they are spending, the number of products they have purchased, or the number of transactions they have made over a lifetime. These classifications and formulas are relative to the campaigns in which the dispensary automatically delivers personalized marketing communications/offers. As a brand that has seen its success from customer relationships, it was only natural for those relationships to strengthen leveraging the Salesforce Platform. However making the big leap when migrating did not come without serious complications. Politics, fear of change, fractured teams, disgruntled employees, disgruntled customers all were overcome to reach what ultimately became a digital transformation movement that has since brought the dispensary to a new level of growth discovery.

Problem: Golden State Greens had increasing returning customers with high discount rates which shrunk its margins. How could the dispensary make its loyalty program better, digital, mitigate fraud, and equal for all spenders? How would they determine eligibility and legacy rewards program migration? How would they manage discount maximums? How could the program be communicated and distributed effectively? How could other initiatives benefit/align with the program? How could the program be customized in the future?

Hypothesis: If increased exposure to customer loyalty benefits(always earning, rather than at $50 minimum, leveraging $100 maximum) at a lesser rate of discount(rate less than maximum discount), some customers may be upset, some will be happy, and most won’t feel a thing. All customers who are upset would be rewarded extra discounts, and return customer rate would continue to increase as would average sale. Employees would plan and communicate upcoming changes thru project management, Salesforce software, Quip. Customers would be made aware thru owned media channels and in person or over the phone. Directing all loyalty to digital channels and promoting new self checkin system would increase online acquisitions, website traffic, and sharing with friends. Measures determined by calculating differences in Salesforce reporting dashboards.

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Cannabis Cloud Solution

METRC Enabled Systems Integration / Independent Software Vendor for Salesforce©& Mulesoft

San Diego, California, November 15th— Technical Architect, Gary Strahle releases final updates for all in one Vertical Point of Sale / Enterprise Resource Platform coined as “Cannabis Cloud Solution™.” Features include native Cultivation(Plant App™) and Retail Employee(MilleMaster) & Consumer Apps(myThc™) for iOS / Android, full METRC API capability, Docusign Manifests/Invoices, Mobile Inventory Log, Voice Commands & more.

As many Cannabis Enterprise seek to align their operations within an omin-channel database using the Salesforce© platform, many find it difficult to properly configure an implementation or leverage a certified partner of whom understands the cannabis industry. 

Cannabis Cloud Solution™ is a multi component package solution for download on the App Exchange(coming soon) or via private installation(available now with professional services).  “Our technology has been developed from the combined experience & wisdom of leading California Cannabis Enterprise owners. The Salesforce© platform extends the capability and efficiencies of any business, we are proud to be affiliated as a Registered Consulting Partner(Soon ISV) and excited to get feedback at Dreamforce 2019.” – Gary Strahle 

3KEYMEDIA LLC is an Art, Production & Development Agency founded in 2009 who specializes in Cannabis Enterprise, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Journey, Compliance, & Corporate Responsibility. 1% Pledge Member.

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